Sunday School: Clyde Drexler Shows Us How To Glide In 1987

After that atrocious Slam Dunk contest on Saturday night, I figured I'd post this dope photo of Clyde Drexler gliding gracefully to the rim. No props, no blindfolds, no nostalgic jerseys....just a man, a ball and an attempt to defy gravity. Here are the 11 articles, videos, blogs and other pieces of tomfoolery to serve as your reading material this fine Sunday.

6 Magazine: Happy Anniversary Jerry Jones

The Basketball Jones: All-Star memories - Brent Barry’s crip walk

ESPN Chicago: Durant better than Rose?

Page 2: Batting practice caps take starring role in spring training despite players' disdain

Players Perspective: On ESPN and XXL - When it comes to online editorial decisions speed kills

Pro Basketball Talk: Dirk admits his drive suffered after winning a ring, wishes he’d partied more

Seattle Times: Kellen Moore is a little guy and a big winner but can he make it in NFL?

SLAM Online: CBA Refuses Letter of Clearance for Wilson Chandler

Sports By Brooks: HBO Caves To Mayweather, Will Muzzle Merchant

Tees and Thangs: The "Put The Ibaka On 'Em" Tee

Yahoo! Sports: LeBron James says 'Decision' criticism affected him

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