Sunday School: Rasheed Wallace Dunks On Everybody From Duke

Rasheed dunks on everyone from Duke

Trying something different, as "Sunday School" will be my suggested reading for you all courtesy of my Google Reader. Eleven dope blogs, videos, articles and other shenanigans that you should take in and enjoy. Oh, and I'll try to throw a dope photo up here for your own enjoyment. Why 11? TSFJ was established on 11-11-11, so its only right I give you 11.

Ball Is Life: There’s just something not right about Michael Jordan in Israel | MJ’s History of Odd Jersey #'s

The Classical: Bron-Bron's Burden

Clipper Blog: Lob City and South Beach are more similar than you think

CNBC's Sports Biz by Darren Rovell: It’s Getting Harder For Student-Athletes To Use Social Media

Edge of Sports: How the Most Lopsided Trade in NBA History Explains the World.

The House That Glanville Built: Bill O'Brien Makes Good First Impression

Hypebeast: Nike Sportswear All Court Mid Leather Preview

The New York Times: Video: Roger Goodell in the Barber’s Chair With William C. Rhoden

Pasta Padre: Sports Genre Stumbles as Companies Take Fewer Risks and Reap Fewer Rewards

SB Nation: Three Reasons Why This Draft Class Could Net The Houston Texans A Championship

The Smoking Section: Kobe Bryant Unveils The #KobeSystem: Success For The Successful

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