Everybody Loves Cartoons: The Birth of the Nike Free

I bought these shoes yesterday for $59. Don't hate.

I'd been fascinated by the work Nike had been doing with their transition to Nike Free across many of their major shoe platforms. Per the fabled Nike storytellers in the early 2000's, Tobie Hatfield and a group of colleagues began a journey to find a way to bring to life the concept of training barefoot, a technique that helps strengthen the foot. Their goal was to create a product that replicated barefoot training while offering the support and traction of a lightweight performance shoe.

From the cool cartoon at the top to a candid discussion with the Nike Free Run+ designer about the creation of the shoe, the Free looks to be a staple from here on out. Per the homie Destin, the shoe does run a bit narrow, so plan accordingly. I can't sit here and say I'll be rocking these to work out in, but I'll feel like I COULD at any time. That's half the battle.

The Nike Free multi-sport collection will also feature Women's Training and Athletic Training footwear. Nike Free is also available for performance and design customization through NIKEiD.

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