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The Game Tried To Warn Derek Fisher About Sleeping With Matt Barnes' Ex-Wife Back In 2011

Memphis Grizzlies forward Matt Barnes decided to drive 95 miles from Santa Barbara (where his team was holding training camp) to his ex-wife’s home in Los Angeles last Saturday, as the newly acquired swingman learned that his former Los Angeles Lakers teammate and current New York Knicks head coach Derek Fisher was seeing her in the home. This news courtesy of the New York Post.

Fisher, who is fresh off a divorce of his own recently, was at a backyard bonfire of Basketball Wives L.A. star Gloria Govan’s when Barnes figured out the two were together. (Govan and Barnes reportedly divorced in September 2014.) Allegedly, Barnes drove nearly 100 miles to the house and tried to scrap with Fisher. You can read more details about the story over at Deadspin and Sports Illustrated.

Regardless of how you feel about this entire situation, (many of you have jokes, for which I am also here for) there is some level of Bro Code that has probably been broken. On one hand, it's probably not cool for Barnes to be losing his mind for someone else being with his woman after they divorced a year ago. On the other hand, is it cool for Derek Fisher to be with a former teammate's ex-wife?

If only Fish had listened to The Game.

Back in 2011, The Game collaborated with Drake and The Weeknd on a track for The R.E.D. Album called, "Good Girls Go Bad." On the third verse, The Game somehow became a soothsayer on the mic and predicted the future. (Hat tip to @dcjames5 for the find.)

The NBA season is less than three weeks away, and if you were curious, the Memphis Grizzlies and the New York Knicks first face each other on January 16, 2016 at the FedEx Forum. Don't worry, I'm taping it and the popcorn will be ready. Meanwhile, give the actual track a listen, it's not too bad either.

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