The Lost Conversation Between Once Teammates Shaquille O'Neal And Chris Webber

On Thursday, June 26, the 2013 NBA Draft will take place as 60 amateur players will hope and pray that their names get called so they can live out their dream to play in the league. NBA TV has been replaying many of the televised draft selection shows, and when the 1993 draft was re-aired at 4:37 a.m., there may or may not have been some behind-the-scenes footage that was shown of a conversation between Shaquille O'Neal (the Orlando Magic's 1992 #1 pick) and Chris Webber (the Magic's 1993 #1 pick). Of course, 30 minutes later, Chris Webber was traded for Anfernee "Penny" Hardaway, and the rest ... is history. 

After finishing his interview with Craig Sager, one of Webber's handlers ushered him into Commissioner David Stern's personal lounge. There inside was Stern, with a phone in his hand. "Chris, you've got a call," Stern said, as he left the lounge without saying another word to Webber. Webber held the phone for a moment, noticed an old envelope with a fold in the corner on the sofa that had "1985 Knicks" written on it and then put the phone to his ear. 

Chris Webber: Hello?


Webber: Shaq? Big homie? WHAT'S GOOD?!?!

Shaq: Brother, I just wanted to be the first to welcome you to Orlando. We're about to dominate the NBA.

Webber: We could be the new twin towers in the league ...

Shaq: Could? Boy, we will! I've already begun writing lyrics for my new album letting folks know what we're about to do ...

Shaq then proceeds to freestyle rap on the phone for a few minutes, and Webber chuckles. Then, unexpectedly, Webber begins to beat box for Shaq and the two are riffing off of one another for a solid three-four minutes. One of Webber's cousins comes to the door saying he has a message for him, but Webber shoos him away. 

Webber: Big fella, what's it like in the NBA? What's the biggest difference?

Shaq: Everything's quicker. Everyone's bigger. They foul harder too. But guess what?

Webber: What?

Shaq: I still dunk on everybody!

Webber: I'm trying to throw you the oop from the high post!

Shaq: Banging and scoring every time! Plus, do you understand how many open jumpers I'll feed you at the elbow? Do you know how many offensive rebounds you'll get on the weak side? Plus, there's shooters everywhere on this team. D3 (Dennis Scott) and Nicky Anderson hardly ever miss out there!

Webber: Man, I'm salivating on joining the squad. How we looking at point guard though?

Shaq: Oh, you mean Scottie Skiles? He's a little cantankerous, he's always trying to start a fight with me but all he wants to do is pass the ball. You know he dropped 30 dimes in a game once, right?

Webber: Word? This is like the perfect situation! You and I coming together is like Tupac and Snoop coming together. It's the best of both worlds ...

Shaq: Nah, more like two of America's Most Wanted.

Webber: RESPECT!

Webber then proceeds to tell Shaq about how he's been listening to nothing but EPMD, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre and Das EFX in preparation for the NBA draft. Shaq chuckles and tells him he ain't heard nothing yet, and proceeds to enlighten him about a group called "Fu-Schnickens" that he's working with. Once again Webber's cousin comes to the door saying he has a message for him. "One minute!" Webber says, determined to finish this conversation with Shaq. 

Shaq: I feel really good about this. We could create our own dynasty here in Florida, man. Great weather, great fans and if we do well, we'll get other great players to come play with us. Then we can hopefully win a championship.

Webber: Championship? How many you think we can get, big fella?

Shaq: I dunno. Maybe one or two ... maybe three or four ... maybe five or six ...

Webber: Man, let's go! Well look, let me get situated here and make plans to hop on the first flight to Orlando!

At that moment Mayce Webber, Chris's father, walks into the room with a look that only fathers are capable of giving to their sons. The young Webber quickly straightens up and tells Shaq to hold on one moment ...

Mayce: Son, you've got to come with us.

Chris: What? Why, what's wrong?

Mayce: You've been traded to the Golden State Warriors.

Chris: What? Are you serious? But ...

Mayce: We've got to go son.

Chris: Okay.

Webber puts the phone to his ear, and all he hears is the dial tone. O'Neal hung up the phone after overhearing the news from Webber's father. Webber hangs up the phone and takes a moment to gather himself. He fixes his tie, gives a hug to his father and is immediately handed a Warriors cap. Webber walks past Anfernee "Penny" Hardaway, who now has on a Magic cap. The two acknowledge each other with a simple head nod as they pose for a photo with a faux exchange of caps, each destined to his own fate.

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