The Niceness Of Kevin Durant Shall No Longer Be Questioned

G13099_KD_CHAIR_16974Kevin Durant is a walking contradiction in Nike sneakers.

The man who has blossomed into a scoring extraordinaire in America's heartland has won fans over across the globe by being a sincere, kind and just a plain ole nice guy to everyone he interacts with. However, all of that seems to come to an end when KD steps in between those lines on a basketball court. The man is a ruthless killer who, these days, would equally prefer to hit a 25-foot three point bomb in your face as well as drive the lane and dunk on your entire squad. Per our good friends at Nike, an investigation is underway to determine if this on-court crime can be stopped:

As Kevin Durant continues to showcase his versatility on the court, Nike and KD have parlayed the superstar's detective skills off the court into a new TV spot featuring the KD V shoe.

Does a nice guy lead the league in scoring for three consecutive years? Does a nice guy bulldoze through the lane and dunk with fury? Does a nice guy consistently posterize opponents? When it comes to his versatile prowess and expanded game on the court, KD is not nice.

Off the court, it's a different story. Durant greets his family before games, patiently conducts media interviews and is gracious with fans. He's quite possibly the nicest guy in professional basketball. However, Durant's ferociousness on the court reveals a different side.

The new TV commercial introduces Detective Durant, who joins the force to investigate a crime involving a wiry, courageous, not-so-nice player dominating the courts. Primary evidence: the new KD V Ice Blue color, which launches globally February 6 online and February 7 in stores.

Personally, I am a bigger fan of the KD IV's to the V's, but this latest colorway is especially dope to me. Plus, I really need that backpack in my life. Yes, a man that's about to turn 30 is still into backpacks. Leave me alone before I turn not nice.

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