The Opening Drive: Gus Johnson Admits He Wanted To Name His Daughter After Bo Schembechler

Bo Schembechler Johnson Was Almost A Reality

We’re on the road again as the #FS1OpeningDrive tour bus is leaving New York City and is headed to Charlotte for our next stop. Throughout the tour, we’ll provide a morning recap of the news, commentary, betting odds with the top US bookmakers, tidbits and whimsy surrounding our tour stops, as we prepare for Michigan vs. Utah, Sept. 3 on FOX Sports 1.

Because Bo Schembechler Johnson is a great name for a girl, right?

On Wednesday, I was able to sit down with the legendary voice of college football on Fox Sports 1, Gus Johnson. Johnson hopped on the tour bus with me and we chopped it up about everything from Rice-Eccles Stadium in Salt Lake City to calling his favorite Big Ten games. However, one callout that was interesting was his appreciation for the former Michigan head coach Bo Schembechler.

ed and gus

I asked Gus about how it feels to call Michigan for the first game, as his ties to the state go back to the days at Detroit Jesuit High School. Then the topic veered into naming kids.

Well I’m from Michigan, and I’m from Detroit. I grew up a Michigan fan, all my life. As a matter of fact, if I had a daughter I was going to name her Bo. And I was dating a girl, and I told her that if I had a daughter, I wanted to name her “Bo Schembechler Johnson.” She was like, “you’re crazy!” (chuckles) I said, “That would be an awesome middle name for her, Schembechler. Nobody would have that name!” She said, “No, you’re crazy!”

Johnson followed up by setting the stage for the big game on September 3rd between Michigan and Utah.

Growing up a Michigan fan, I’ve never been to a Michigan game before. It’s going to be really neat for me to have a chance to watch the Wolverines play, especially in the position that I’m in, calling the game. However, I will not be biased at all, and I will call the game as I normally do. Yet, having a chance to be a part of Fox Sports and doing the things we’ve been able to do, I’m happy to be a part of this. I’m happy that Michigan got a great coach, and hopefully the future will be bright for them. It’s going to be great to see Utah, as Salt Lake City’s a hidden gem with great people and passionate fans. The place is going to be jam-packed, and if you haven’t watched a game’s not a big stadium, but it’s a rowdy stadium. The kids go crazy, and the game’s going to be dynamite.

We'll have more on Gus Johnson later in the week on how he prepares for big games and how he leverages his skills from soccer over to calling football games.

The Schedule

August 22: Detroit/Ann Arbor
August 23: Chicago
August 24: Cincinnati
August 25: Columbus
August 26: New York
August 27: Charlotte
August 28-29: Atlanta
August 30: Dallas
August 31-September 1: St. Louis
September 2-3: Salt Lake City

Our next stop is Yankee Stadium in the Bronx! Be on the lookout for the HarBus as we roll through America. Use the hashtag #FS1OpeningDrive and follow us on Twitter at @edthesportsfan, @yardbarker and @FoxSports1 for more updates on the tour, as we prepare for Michigan vs. Utah, Sept. 3 on FOX Sports 1.

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