The Six Things to Remember on Conference Championship Saturday

This Saturday might possibly be the best day of college football. Bowl games are at stake, legacies are on the line and rivalries need to be played out. It's the type of day that you get up real early, go to the store and get your favorite libation, go to your favorite eatery (i.e. Kenny going to Rudy's) and sit in front of the big screen and just watch football all day. No one would blame you for doing otherwise, and it's your God-given right to do so with pride.

Mark Trible and Ed collaborated to highlight the six five conference championship games and the things you need to take note of on conference championship Saturday.

ACC Championship - #20 Clemson vs. #5 Virginia Tech

Because these two teams have tried to make the ACC semi-respectable - The Hokies lone loss this year came at the hands of the Tigers. Tech comes in looking to punish them for it, while Dabo Swinney is trying to right the ship with a turtleneck and a crew sweatshirt. If you like orange, then this game is for you. Both teams use the color, and the winner goes to the Orange Bowl.

Prediction: Hokies 23, Tigers 13

Big Ten Championship - #15. Wisconsin vs. #13. Michigan State

Because the best game of the year could happen a second time  - A high scoring game in the Big Ten isn't the norm in that conference, and getting the treat of a slugfest (and a hail mary pass of the ages) between two of the better teams in October was nothing short of impressive. While the Spartans have fought for respect all season, the Badgers had their fall from grace and stabilized the ship to have a chance to repeat as Big Ten champs. Russell Wilson has thrived as the signal-caller for the usually decrepit Wisconsin passing attack, and the Badgers are out for revenge. This time, I think they'll get it.

Prediction: Badgers 36, Spartans 21

PAC-12 Championship - UCLA vs. #9 Oregon

Because you may never see a blowout like this in a championship game again - UCLA lost 50-0 last week to USC, but still finds themselves in a championship game. If they win, they'll make the Rose Bowl. But don't worry; they won't win. Neuheisel has already been fired, and the program awaits the off-season coaching search. Oregon scores a billion points and plays at home. This has all the makings of a classic and, trust, you'll never forget where you were for this colossally awful game.

Prediction: Ducks 100, Bruins 0

Conference USA Championship - #24 Southern Miss vs. #6 Houston

Because Case Keenum needs to prove that he isn't Andre Ware, David Klingler or Kevin Kolb - The thing that frustrates me about the Heisman is that it seems inevitable that Andrew Luck of Stanford is going to win it...not because he's had the best season this year, but because they'll give it to him as the 'Lifetime Achievement Heisman Award,' like a $30 million NFL contract can't be a sufficient lifetime award. If you were going to give the 'Lifetime' award to anybody, then you'd have to give it to Keenum. The man will walk away from college football as its greatest statistical passer and with a win over the Fighting Lorenzo Favre's of Southern Miss, we might actually get a chance to see Keenum and the Cougs face a top BCS opponent in a BCS bowl game.

Prediction: Cougars 77, Golden Eagles 21

SEC Championship - #1 LSU vs. #14 Georgia

Because LSU is the best team in the land and UGA is basically at home - There will be plenty of red shirts in the stands and it may be close for a while. However, LSU will probably make Mark Richt go kick rocks by the fourth quarter. Watch it, because it's the SEC and something usually happens that's kind of fun. Also, you can spend time watching Les Miles attempt to eat blades of astroturf. That's entertainment.

Prediction: Tigers 17, Bulldogs 14

The De Facto Big 12 Conference Championship - #10 Oklahoma vs. #3 Oklahoma State

Because "I'm a man, I'm 40!" has never beaten the Oklahoma Sooners - Two points to make about the annual Bedlam game, per my piece at SB Nation:

One, let it be known that, as head coach, a Mike Gundy-led Cowboys team has never beaten the Sooners (0-6), as Bob Stoops seems to have Gundy's number every single time. If there was ever a year for Oklahoma State to be victorious, then this is the year. A depleted defense and a playmaker gone for OU, Oklahoma State comes in healthy and ready to redeem themselves after a egregious loss versus Iowa State two weeks ago.

Two, let it be known that Bob Stoops came into this season saying that this was "our time" for the Sooners to win a national championship. Once OU dropped the ball versus Texas Tech, the light dimmed on those hopes. As the season progressed and the national championship light began to flicker again, Robert Griffin III decided to put that light out permanently. This is the saving grace for a Sooners team loaded with seniors and tons of talent.

It'll be tough to watch this game without thinking of "what could've been," but you could argue that no pair of schools (outside of Alabama) have been more successful over the last 4-5 years than these two. It will be Bedlam on Saturday night.

Prediction: Sooners 45, Cowboys 35

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