The Top 10 Charles Barkley Quotes From The Dream Team Documentary

Charles Barkley's gregarious personality is the reason why we love Inside The NBA. The man is brutally honest, personable and unafraid of what people may say or think about him. The man we know now is currently 49 years old. The 29-year-old version who was dominating for the Philadelphia 76ers and would move to the Phoenix Suns? Off the chain.

The Dream Team documentary aired on NBA TV on Wednesday night, and while I'll probably watch the film another 38 times on my DVR to reminisce on the old footage, the transparent dialogue and talk with my Uncle Bill about the experience 20 years ago, seeing Charles Barkley become the ultimate ambassador for America in Europe was simply amazing. Here are the best ten quotes for Sir Charles from the Dream Team documentary, and if you missed the documentary, then the Lord blessed you, because it's right here for online viewing. Big ups to @Jose3030 for the video and the photos.

Barkley talking to the press before the first practice:

"Everybody in the world has an ego. The only difference between us is we have a reason to have an ego."

Barkley on taking photos with the Cuban national team before the game:

"It was a surreal feeling. Like dude, we here to kick y'all behind...and they want to take pictures with you."

Barkley's thoughts on playing Angola:

"I don't know anything about Angola, but Angola's in trouble."

Barkley on the physical play with Angola:

"People always say turn the other cheek. If you turn the other cheek, I'm gonna hit you in the other cheek too."

Barkley on going to Monte Carlo with his favorite Dream Team buddies...:

"I don't worry about playing basketball; that comes natural. I just want to have fun. David Robinson, Patrick Ewing, Michael Jordan...this is like spring break in the ghetto."

Barkley talking to a camera on the bench during the Tournament of the Americas:

"We're gonna send a message around the world today, because y'all can give it up. Yous foreigners can give it up."

Barkley responding to Sports Illustrated's Jack McCallum about throwing elbows at Angola:

"Hey Jack, when am I going to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated for this stuff?"

Barkley at the Hall of Fame induction of the Dream Team:

"Everyone reminds me that I've never won a championship. For me, playing with this group of guys was like winning a championship."

Barkley's thoughts on his free time in Monte Carlo:

"I'm going to be in that pool so much for the next two days...they'll think I'm on the swimming team in Barcelona."

Barkley's response when asked about the USA losing to the Soviet Union in 1972:

Well I had just flunked my entrance exam to go into kindergarten.

Bonus quotes from Barkley responding to a stupid question about what happened when he was nine years old:

Why don't they take their ass-whuppin like people and go home? .... We're gonna have a little revenge in our hearts, for '72 and '88, but David (Robinson) can't say that, because he's a Christian.

What was your favorite moment of the Dream Team documentary? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section, and if you haven't actually seen it're in luck. All hail the media based God known as @Jose3030 for the video below.

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