TSFJ’s Fall Call-Up: We’re Looking For Bloggers, Writers And Creatives

Hey guys, this is Eddie Maisonet, the editor-in-chief here at The Sports Fan Journal. Can I tell you all a little secret?

We have some of the best readers and writers on earth. Seriously, on the entire planet. Two examples...

Dr. Jeffrey A. Glenn has been reading TSFJ since the beginning. In fact, he's been with us when we were trolling the Internet over at edthesportsfan.com. We love him as a supporter of TSFJ so much, we've crowned him as The Godfather of the comments section.

JAG comment

Emily Van Buskirk has been writing for TSFJ since about a month ago. In that time, she's become an instrumental part of our college football coverage. We love her as a writer because her knowledge of all things Pac-12 has eviscerated our predominately East Coast bias when it comes to coverage. Also, she shocked the world with yours truly at Rice-Eccles Stadium in Salt Lake City while keeping the EIC's cell phone charged up.

Super happy to have @emilnem on @thesfjournal as one of our lead college football contributors. She's kept me charged up all game while jinxing kickers. We Shocked The World all across the country for #FS1OpeningDrive, and I'm honored to have been a part of it.

A photo posted by Eddie Maisonet, III (@edthesportsfan) on Sep 4, 2015 at 10:40am PDT

I could profile hundreds of our loyal readers and highlight the many talents on our roster, but that would take about 10,000 words and none of us have that type of time.

All I'm saying is this: Our little corner of the sports commentary Internet is pretty dope...and we're still getting bigger and better every day. Still intrigued? Of course you are. Read the details below for more information.


We’re looking for writers interested in covering the following:

  • NBA
  • NFL
  • College Football
  • College Basketball
  • Sneakers, Uniforms and Style in Sports
  • Boxing, MMA
  • WWE
  • MLB
  • NHL
  • Business of Sports
  • Advanced Analytics (Can you make big data fun and easy to understand?)
  • Sports Video Games
  • Sports Media

Who were looking for to join the team:

  • Writers with a witty, conversational tone and distinct voice/style
  • Familiarity with HTML and image editing
  • An understanding of RSS feeds, Twitter, Google Alerts, etc.
  • People with intellectual curiosity: Do you have interest and/or knowledge of sports from different eras and perspectives; understanding history, milestones, fan bases, etc.?
  • Do you self-edit? Fact-check? Follow existing formatting guidelines, style and procedures?
  • For Bloggers: The ability to contribute with several posts (5+) per week with a focus on updates, top plays, current events, etc..
  • For Writers: The ability to contribute columns, interviews, op-eds, long-forms and think pieces one to three times a week
  • For Creatives: Are you looking to showcase your video content, graphic design or other fresh ideas with a slant toward sports? Let's collaborate! 
  • People with active accounts on Facebook and Twitter

Who we aren’t interested in for our team:

  • AP-style dry journalism (though we follow some AP style rules for consistency)
  • Long-form entries that take days to complete
  • Long-windedness and/or blathering
  • Writers with ONLY a penchant for reflection and/or nostalgic posts. We’re looking for the right now
  • Humorlessness
  • Someone lacking self-discipline or motivation

To get the call, shoot me an email at ed AT edthesportsfan DOT com. Please include 1-2 samples that can be published immediately. Links to these samples are preferred, but attachments are acceptable. This will give our editors a chance to review your perspective on things in a current light, and if we publish it, then it gives our readers a tease for more.

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