Melvin Gordon Breaks LaDainian Tomlinson Single-Game Rushing Record With 408 Yards Vs. Nebraska

Can we just give Wisconsin Badgers tailback Melvin Gordon the Heisman Trophy already?

While more obvious reasons for Gordon to win the Heisman could be the fact that other candidates like Marcus Mariota and Dak Prescott have been really good but not necessarily great this season, I'm ready to give Gordon the Heisman Trophy right now based off what transpired on Saturday.

The man broke LaDainian Tomlinson's record of 406 yards rushing in a single game, which is absurd on a number of levels. Let's list the levels:

  • Melvin Gordon ran for 408 yards on the then 20th ranked Nebraska defense. They're definitely not ranked 20th now. LaDainian Tominson ran for 406 on UTEP. UTEP's never been good at defense, ever.
  • 408 rushing yards? I've never ran for 408 rushing yards on any football video game I've ever played.
  • At some point, the backup running back had to be like, "Aye coach, can someone else get some tick?"

Here's the video of Gordon running all the wind sprints on Nebraska on Saturday afternoon if you missed it, which you probably did because there were other games on that were better to watch during that time period. All hail Melvin Gordon, you are now a college football legend.

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