VIDEO: Russell Westbrook Just Rocked The Cradle On The Orlando Magic

Something magical happened while we were all watching NFL's Championship Sunday extravaganza. The Oklahoma City Thunder traveled to central Florida to face the Orlando Magic, and the league's most dynamic point guard reminded the world that he is the league's most dynamic point guard.

We really should be giving credit to Andre Roberson for this moment, as his block on the 7-footer Nikola Vucevic made this all possible...

...but we're not here for that. (Plus, Roberson airballed this free throw in the same game something terrible.) So Roberson gets no love. Sorry.

Nah, we're showing our appreciation to the honey badger that is Russell Westbrook. Westbrook, with a smooth assist from Kevin Durant, decided to pay homage to Michael Jordan with a breathtaking 'rock the cradle' dunk on the fast break.

Here's a better angle, with next-level ball cuppage (NH) by Westbrook as he finishes in a way that only Westbrook can.

Oklahoma City looks to be on their way to getting their record back to .500 as they've scored an absurd 103 points after three quarters of action versus Orlando. After a big win over the Golden State Warriors on Friday, maybe the Thunder are getting their groove back. Maybe.

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