VIDEO: The Story Behind The Atlanta Hawks Uniform Redesign

For many of you, the volt/neon/lime green colorway is a problem, and I understand.

Yes, I understand the viewpoint that neon green should be reserved for people working construction, community service workers cleaning up trash, security guards and marathon runners. There's a need in wearing that color to signify what it is those people are doing, and you might live in a world where "need" matters in wearing certain colors...

...and if you fall in that camp, there's another large segment of the population who couldn't disagree with you more.

On Wednesday, the Atlanta Hawks decided to finally unveil what was behind the curtain as they showed the world what their newest uniforms looked like in front of an intimate media crowd in Phillips Arena. While recognizable colors like red and gray are primary colors that the masses can all easily digest, the "green volt" that kind of looks like the Hawks' old yellow (but totally isn't) is now part of the Hawks' design.

Of course, the talk of "neon" has taken over. Here's a peak into the TSFJ e-offices and our interoffice banter:


Courtesy of our TSFJ special contributor and ATL resident and superfan Larry Luk of We Are The Process, here's the intro video the Hawks used to tell the story about the uniform transformation. Among other reasons, that "green volt" is to pay homage to Pete Maravich. How are you gonna hate on Pistol Pete?

Also, here's a breakout of the home, road and alternate uniforms the Hawks will wear next season. Like or dislike? Let us know in the comments section.


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