Welcome To The Sports Fan Journal

Come on in, take your shoes off, and partake in the glory that is...The Sports Fan Journal.

You'll notice some new paint on the wall, some new furniture laid out and everything's real shiny and clean. For most of you, this is simply moving day. While Ed The Sports Fan was the first girl you ever had a crush on, The Sports Fan Journal will be the woman you want to put the ring on for.

We will affectionately call this baby "The Journal" and like a journal this will be a place where folks will share their personal thoughts from the perspective of the sports fan. To be clear, that's who we are, sports fans. While some of us might aspire to be journalists, some of us aspire to be television/radio personalities (definitely not me, don't have the face for it) and some of us need a place to talk crazy like we're at the barbershop, or on our mama's porch or talking at the water cooler.

We bring what you all talk about everyday to life.

We're fortunate enough to have some phenomenal talent on this site, and we will probably look to add more in the future. Get to know them, become cordial and welcome them into your life. Some of them you know, some you don't. Doesn't matter, they're all damned good and you'll love their work just as much as I do.

If you listen to #theUCshow then you've come to realize that I can be wordy and not know when to wrap it up. Today won't be one of those days. I'll let Joe Simmons and Justin Tinsley do the heavy lifting today, as they've written posts that will surely stimulate the brain.

Thank you for joining us, let the journey begin.


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