We Should All Laugh At This Absurd Pass From Sidney Deane To Billy Hoyle In White Men Can't Jump

There are few things that are better at helping pass the time than watching old sports movies.

While working from home, I decided to turn on a movie to play in the background. The movie I chose to play was White Men Can't Jump, because the movie is entertaining enough to watch for the 238th time while also trying to be semi-productive. However, I soon stopped to make a cup of coffee and take in a few moments of the movie uninterrupted.

Then arguably the most egregious basketball thing ever happened.

It's something I've noticed in the movie so many times, but I never took the time to fully digest what happened. This man, Sidney Deane, decided to bypass a wide open layup (Sidenote: that defense, good grief) and pass the ball off the rim/backboard to Billy Hoyle for a 20-foot jumper. First off, who decided this was the best idea? Did Wesley Snipes just ad-lib this during filming? Did the producers actually write this into the script for Sidney to do? Did Woody Harrelson go to Snipes and say, "bet $20 you won't throw it off the backboard hard as hell to me" during the game? Who let this happen?

Funny thing is, this might not be the most absurd play in basketball movie history as Above The Rim still holds the title, but it made for a great laugh while trying to be productive working from home. Well done Sidney Deane, we're thankful for your absurd passing skills.

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