Starting Lineups: Who Wins The BCS National Championship Tonight - Dominance Or Destiny?

malzahn fisher

I'll admit it, when the BCS Bowl Schedule was released I was not all that excited about the games we were going to witness as 2014 came our way. Yet, with four pretty damn good bowl games notched on our belt (what up Oklahoma!), the final game in college football awaits us on Monday night. Florida State vs. Auburn.

There's no real need to provide in-depth analysis about this game, but I will share a few things that will be on my mind I as watch the national championship in Pasadena. Allow me to share what's in my brain:

- If Tre Mason puts on another epic performance like the one he did vs. Missouri (sorry Matt Whitener) in the 2013 SEC Championship, all of hip-hop will enjoy the victory. De La Soul will be played on repeat and Auburn will have let the world know that when The Stakes Is High, they usually come out on top.

- Swag Winston has a nice ring to it.

- Did you know that the state of Florida or Alabama will have won the last six BCS title games after tonight? Life ain't fair.

- I truly believe the best runningback on Florida State's roster is Karlos Williams. The man is scary, especially considering the fact that the man was playing linebacker and safety last year.

- I had someone tell me the other day that they believed FSU wideout Kelvin Benjamin would one day be the next Calvin Johnson. When he first said this I scoffed and looked at him with utter disgust. Then I came home, pulled up the YouTube and watched Kelvin Benjamin's highlights. I'm not saying I agree with him, but it's not as crazy of a thought as I initially imagined. 6'6" and 235? Yikes.

- Gus Malzohn will be an NFL head coach in 3 years. Mark my words.

Let us know in the comments section who you think will in the national championship tonight, and be sure to check out our Monday links as well. As for my pick? Well...

...FSU 42, Auburn 31.

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