The 300: The Clippers Collapse Never Felt Like It Was Happening

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(Ed’s Note: Phillip Barnett has been down with the team since the ETSF/TalkHoops days of 2008. As is life, sometimes it takes a personal challenge to muster up words consistently. The self-proclaimed “I’m So Hideous(s)” is taking a new journey in putting up 300 words a day on the many questions, concerns and thoughts that happen to cross his mind. With that in mind, here is the the next installment of The 300.) 

The Clippers collapse never felt like it was happening until they finally relinquished the lead. It wasn’t until Oklahoma City went on a 9-0 run to cut the lead to four with 90 seconds left that things started to get weird. At that point, we still thought the Clippers were winning the game.

Blake Griffin makes a free throw and then Chris Paul drills a 17-footer that really felt like the dagger. Seven point lead, 0:49 left.

Durant hits a deep three followed by a layup to cut the lead to four, which started a series of head scratching plays.

Paul turns the ball over after a quixotic assumption that he would be fouled on the sideline. Reggie Jackson picks off a bad pass. Oy.

Jackson keeps the ball on a 3-on-1 break.

“What is he doing?”

Chris Paul racks his arm. Missed foul call (Thunder fans scream). Ball appears to go out of bounds off Jackson. (Maybe) a missed out of bounds call (Clippers fans scream).

Did Doc Rivers have room to complain about that single call? Probably. However, the notion that the missed call was a game deciding error is a specious argument.

It’s still a two point Clippers lead, less than 10 seconds left to play and Scott Brooks is designing the play. Advantage: Los Angeles. The ball comes in to Westbrook and he pulls up from three with 6.4 still left on the clock.

What is he DOING?

Russ is bailed out when Paul taps his elbow on the three-point attempt.


Thunder lead. Paul turns the ball over again. No one has a clue what he’s trying to do. Blouses.

The officiating didn’t help, but the Clippers blowing Game 5 felt like a doge meme. Much bizarre. Very Clippers.

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