The LeBron James Y'all Musta Forgot Excellence Tour Has The King Stressed

We have 5/4 odds that, at some point in the next few hours, Kenny Masenda is going to fire off a tweet asking Johnathan Tillman something along the lines of “what event transpires tonight?”

Big Brother Tillman will begin his response with, “The LeBron James Y'all Musta Forgot Excellence Tour continues” and will fill in the rest with what the people should expect from the best basketball player on the planet.

Tonight, I offer up a suggestion for Tillman’s response: The LeBron James Y'all Musta Forgot Excellence Tour continues to be stressed the entire hell out by his lackluster supporting cast.

I don’t necessarily mean this in the sense that Bron has a shoddy at best squad trying to compete with one of the most terrorizing teams in the history of the game, but more so in the sense that because of the situation, Bron is stressed to the point of utter and brutal honesty.

When asked about his frustration after the Game 1 blunder that set the internet on fire, LeBron James quipped, “We’re in the NBA Finals. How much more picking up teammates you want me to do?”

These words didn’t necessarily come from a malicious place, but they did come from the heart. The man is averaging 40 points, 8.5 rebounds and 10.5 assists through the first two games of the Finals, and yet his team is in a 2-0 hole with his team already receiving an “L” hours before tipoff of Game 3:

Bron is out here breaking the laws of gravity and no one can see how amazing he’s been because his squad won’t allow him to fly.

The Y’all Musta Forgot Excellence Tour continues in an absolute must win for James and the city of Cleveland, and the only way they come out with their first win of the series is if the role players carry him for once. I wouldn’t count on it, but it’s the only way.

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