NBA Draft Avenue: What The Boston Celtics Should Do With The 14th Pick

If your favorite NBA team wasn't a title contender, it was likely leaving tributes at the base of Mt. Zion (Williamson). Thirteen franchises all sit under the stoplight that is the 2019 NBA Draft. TSFJ gives each team a reason to speed through, take caution and even hit the brakes hard before making a wrong turn. We start with the 14th pick in the draft, held by the Boston Celtics.

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How they got here

The Boston Celtics acquired the 14th pick of this year's Draft due to a trade stipulation. The pick previously belonged to the Sacramento Kings, who gave it to the Philadelphia 76ers. Then, the Sixers included that pick in the deal that allowed Boston and Philly to swap picks in the 2018 Draft. That's a lot of wheeling and dealing.

Green Light: Trade the pick(s) for Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis (AP file photo)

Celtics GM Danny Ainge has been stockpiling assets for what feels like a decade. But at what point does he use them to make a bigger splash move to contend for a title? Whether or not Boston loses Kyrie Irving to free agency, they still need an impact player to get over the hump in the East.

The conundrum lies in the fact that there aren't many players alive that are better than him. One of those select few is Davis, who would immediately solve that problem. His presence also frees up players like Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown to blossom due to having the ball on the perimeter more. Boston has three (3!) picks in this very loaded Draft, but immediate value is what they need over more of the developmental type. Waiting on yet another set of young players to develop will place even more pressure on the Celtics, making attempting to trade for the 26-year-old Davis a much more viable option.

Yellow Light: Draft Brandon Clarke

The interesting part about the business side of the Draft is that teams have to make decisions based on the unknowns of free agency. The Celtics, in addition to Kyrie Irving, have to consider the potential losses of Terry Rozier and Marcus Morris as well, two key contributors to the rotation.

With young talent still on the roster, the Celtics need an energy defender at the forward position. Gonzaga's Brandon Clarke is a tremendous shot blocker at 6'8" and can fill a need as the Celtics contend with athletic wings and forwards. Whether he was kept or moved based on how free agency and potential sign-and-trades went down, Clarke wouldn't interfere with the chemistry already in place with whomever is left on the roster. He fits well next to a sturdy but aging Al Horford as another versatile body capable of defending pick and rolls. He would help on the boards and is already adept at playing on talented teams with multiple players who need the ball.

Red Light: Draft Rui Hachimura

Tom Pennington / Getty Images

This is no slight to Hachimura at all. I believe he will be a solid pro, with a ceiling somewhere around the best iteration of Rudy Gay. The reason why Boston shouldn't take him is because they already have a 6'8" scoring forward in Jayson Tatum--who is younger than Hachimura with more NBA experience. Boston needs to solidify their defense and improve their ability to switch on defense. This team doesn't need another player who needs the ball in his hands.As the Boston Celtics contemplate what to do with the 14th pick, we'll see how good or bad a decision they make with it.

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