In The Rotation: "Hate The Club" by Kehlani ft. Masego

As the world moves into the second half of 2020, it's safe to say that music is the one healing element that is keeping people at peace, uplifted, and relatable. One of the genres keeping listeners in the best spirits is R&B and the new generation of artists are showcasing their prowess to the world. R&B singer Kehlani is back with her second studio album It Was Good Until It Wasn't and one of the standout tracks is "Hate The Club."

It's a track that speaks to many as Kehlani sings about the fear of running into a significant other while going out. "Hate The Club" is all about going out of one's way and stepping out of one's comfort zone just to make sure they're getting attention from a certain person they're interested in. Kehlani knows she doesn't like going out to the club, but is willing to make the sacrifice because she knows her potential bae will be there. Love can make anyone get out of character and Kehlani adds the sweet saxophone sounds from Masego as she sings:

"Damn, you know I hate the club / But I came 'cause I knew you'd show up / Maybe if I drank enough / I'll make my way over to ya"

Kehlani has never been a stranger to putting her feelings into her music. From high-profile relationships, to family ties, to the passing of some of her closest friends, the singer uses her art to release her emotions, while inspiring listeners in the process. Since she released her first mixtape Cloud 19 back in 2014, she's progressively matured in her artistry and performance. It Was Good Until It Wasn't is a life soundtrack telling how things can be going so well, but life always finds a way to be painful at times, so it's up to the person to learn from the trials and keep pushing through everyday.

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