In The Rotation: "NCAA" by 2 Chainz

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It's officially the beginning of March, which means basketball fans are getting their brackets in order for March Madness. Although it's a great time for basketball, there's also a never-ending conversation surrounding the players.

For years, people have debated about whether or not the NCAA should pay college athletes, however the NCAA is adamant in its argument about athletes only receiving tuition along with room and board. But the NCAA is a billion dollar industry, as athletes put their potential NBA careers on the line, school administrators and coaches are going straight to the bank. Fans have voiced their opinions, and now rapper 2 Chainz is calling the organization out in one of his latest tracks properly titled, "NCAA."

2 Chainz is no stranger to the life of a college athlete as he had a basketball scholarship at Alabama State University before deciding to pursue a music career. His latest album Rap or Go to the League seems to be the perfect title on how he decided to change the direction of his life. He teams up with producer Honorable C.N.O.T.E. as he stresses on the hook, "NCAA, yeah, we the young and dangerous, yeah / We be ballin' hard, yeah, I just want some paper, yeah."

However, 2 Chainz beings to question the organization on his second verse as he says, "Let me get this straight, if I drop 40 today / You don't care if I eat, you don't care if I ate / They say, 'You better have a good grade like a mixed baby hair' / They say 'We goin' to the tournament, we gonna need you there.'" It's safe to say this track is sure to be a favorite among college ballers.

With "NCAA" as a standout track, a number of luminous features, and LeBron James earning A&R credit, Rap or Go to the League is a promising body of work. If trap music is on the horizon for a weekend vibe, put "NCAA" in the rotation and check out this week's pertinent reading material:

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