In The Rotation: "Shimmy" by Aminé

Welcome to The Sports Fan Journal’s music series, In The Rotation. Music fans are always trying to find the latest tunes to spin and our editor Mya Melody, a.k.a. the playlist virtuoso is here to help. Whether you need a weekend turn up anthem or a smooth jam for a kickback, this series will highlight the week’s hottest song to add in your collection. Vibe out and enjoy it! #MelodyPutYouOn

Every December, people are typically asked if they have set any New Year's resolutions. Whether a person responds with "This year is going to be different" or "This year is my year," the mark of a new 365-day calendar can help people set proper goals that they want to achieve. Rapper Aminé knows this sentiment all too well as he readies to take on 2020 with a bang on his latest single, "Shimmy."

Although Aminé has been on a nearly two-year hiatus, he realizes his worth and talent and is simply waiting for other artists and fans to catch on to his wave. On "Shimmy" the rapper brags about his lifestyle and calls out other people for copying his style and faking their fortunes while trying to keep up with the Joneses.

"All y'all ni**as ain't worthy / Ya'll don't pay dues, y'all ni**as pay and thirsty / You thought you made an anthem, but you just sang you a Fergie / Too many ni**as bitin,' I might need me ten attorneys."

With production handled by Vinylz, Boi-1da, Maneesh, and Pasqué, "Shimmy" is a hardcore anthem with an homage to a classic. The single samples the 1995 Ol' Dirty Bastard hit, "Shimmy Shimmy Ya," while the cover art is an identification card similar to the artwork of ODB's album, Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version. Shout out to the Wu-Tang Clan legend!

Aminé is coming for what's rightfully his, so if the weekend calls for a confidence booster as you write out some new goals or you're looking to learn how to pitch like the Spinball Wizard, put "Shimmy in the rotation and check out this week's pertinent reading material:

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