In The Rotation: "Vossi Bop" by Stormzy

Welcome to The Sports Fan Journal’s latest series, In The Rotation. Music fans are always trying to find the latest tunes to spin and our editor Mya Melody, a.k.a. the playlist virtuoso, is here to help. Whether you need a weekend turn up anthem or a smooth jam for a kickback, this series will highlight the week’s hottest song to add in your collection. Vibe out and enjoy! #MelodyPutYouOn

Back in early 2017, London rapper Stormzy became a rising act in the grime music scene after releasing his debut album Gang Signs & Prayer. The breakout MC shares a detailed perspective and of his life, his views on wack rappers and well...a softer side of the artist known as Michael Omari.

In 2019, the 26-year old rapper from Norbury unveled his new project on the horizon with his latest single, "Vossi Bop" with a video laced with a cameo from Idris Elba, dancers everywhere and dudes on bikes.

Stormzy was inspired by Twitter user @NLVossi to create the song after the "Vossi Bop" dance became a viral social media sensation back in 2015. The rapper then teased the song across his digital channels and fans have been waiting for the full-length release ever since. With a murky bassline beat helmed by producer Chris Andoh and the hook reeling in listeners as Stormzy says, "My bruddas don't dab, we just vossi bop," the single is sure to be a massive party hit.

It's Friday, and partying after a long week at work is sometimes a necessary therapy, so this gets a personal recommendation for your tracklist. For me, I'll be going out of town and hitting the club and the links, and I booked my next getaway with Golf Holidays Direct which helped me find the best value for the coolest golf courses. Adding Stormzy to my playlist while playing 18 holes could be quite the wave, so put "Vossi Bop" in the rotation and check out this week's pertinent reading material:

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