Five Songs You Need On Your 2018 Kentucky Derby Playlist

Springtime is officially here! While the days are longer and warmer weather creeps in, it’s the season of rejuvenation, celebrations and new beginnings. For sports fans, it sets the tone for one of the year’s most prestigious horse racing events, the Kentucky Derby.

The event is more than just horses running in a circle while affluent people wager money on the race. It’s about the celebrities that come out to stunt, pulling out that fancy hat or spring dress and finding the right soundtrack to make the Saturday spectacle something spectacular. Whether you’re on your way to Churchill Downs in your finest threads or watching the race from the UK, TSFJ has you covered on proper music selections. Here are five songs to add to your Kentucky Derby playlist:

J. Cole, "ATM"

When it comes to which rappers are currently at the top of their game, J. Cole is always mentioned with great company. Jermaine is back on the scene with his fifth studio album KOD, sparking conversations among hip-hop heads everywhere.

Although an ATM is typically known as an automated teller machine, Cole refers to this track as “Addicted To Money” and how earning some cash can always have an effect on a person. Race attendees may not have a money addiction, but there’s no shame in making a little wager and ballin’ out with your winnings by using the 2018 Kentucky Derby odds at You only live once and in the words of Cole, “Count it up, count it up, count it up, count it / Can’t take it when you die, but you can’t live without it.”

Leon Bridges, "Bad Bad News"

Soulful singer Leon Bridges is ready to release his sophomore album following his 2015 debut Coming Home. The Texas native that many critics call this generation’s Sam Cooke is channeling a new groove on “Bad Bad News.” He takes on a different bravado as he reflects on self-worth and not allowing opinions from others to stop him from being great. The ol' school vibe is sure to get an audience in a feel-good mood.

LION BABE feat. Leikeli47, "The Wave"

Rising New York duo LION BABE is known for releasing soulful-pop infused bops. On their latest track “The Wave,” the funky ‘70s vibe will take any listener’s mind to another realm. Whether you’re still trying to find the perfect bowtie or sipping libations in the Millionaires Row, this song is bound to set the tone for the day. “Everybody’s moving through the wave!”

Panic! At the Disco, "Say Amen (Saturday Night)"

One of the most endearing elements of Panic! At the Disco’s sound, is how the band masterfully blends a number of genres into their music. Although they may be categorized as alternative rock or punk pop, they tend to experiment rock elements with emo, electronic and funk. Not to mention frontman Brendon Urie’s insane vocals that give each track a little more finesse. His high-pitched tone as he says “It’s Saturday Night” on the hook will have everyone cheering in the stands.

Tom Misch, "South Of The River"

London-based musician Tom Misch is also a believer in infusing different elements into his music. Known for layering jazz, pop, and hip-hop, his latest album Geography is one of those projects that doesn’t require any skips! The deep baseline and the funky instrumentation along with Misch’s smooth vocals on “South Of The River” is a track that was made for a celebration. So grab your best Derby attire and vibe out to the smooth sounds.

What other songs do you need on your Kentucky Derby playlist? Let us know in the comments section!

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