In The Rotation: "Take Yourself Home" by Troye Sivan

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Music has always brought listeners some type of solace, even when the world deals with unparalleled times. One artist helping to put a listener's mind at ease is Troye Sivan on his latest single, "Take Yourself Home."

Although the song's title may take on a different meaning as people grapple with the fact of staying at home during the current crisis, Sivan focuses on the battle between one's mindset and reality. "Take Yourself Home" finds Sivan being tired of the usual and going to another place that will make him happier. Whether he's tired of the place where he resides or simply over how his life has panned out, he wants a getaway with hopes that change could be for the better. On the hook, he says:

"I'm tired of the city, scream if you're with me / If I'm gonna die, let's die somewhere pretty / sad in the summer, the city needs a mother / If I'm gonna waste my time then it's time to go / Take yourself home"

Sivan explained in a statement, “The song is kind of a pep talk with yourself and the place you’re from. Grappling with your place in the world." As the days continue to move with uncertainty, there's no doubt that some people may start question their work and legacy.

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