Ty Dolla $ign Gives a Thumbs Down to Lonzo Ball After His Comments on Hip-Hop

After months of dropping loose singles and postponed release dates, one of hip-hop’s most faved singers Ty Dolla $ign is back with his sophomore album Beach House 3.

In honor of Ty Dolla’s latest project, the “Love U Better” singer stopped by Pandora for its latest segment Thumbs Up Thumbs Down, in which he rated random topics using the most Pandora thing possible—a thumb.

He shared his thoughts on a number of topics including aliens, auto-tune, and Action Bronson, however he had some choice words when the world of L.A. sports was brought up. An implant of South Central Los Angeles, Ty Dolla grew up a die-hard Lakers fan and naturally gave a thumbs up to his hometown team. However, he doesn’t seem to be a fan of Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball. “Thumbs down to Lonzo Ball," he said. "Nas is one of the greatest ever. You’re f**king out of your mind boy.”

Ty is referring to recent comments the Lakers star made on the Ball in the Family show in which he gave his thoughts on the current state of music, and let’s just say the baller’s opinions didn’t sit too well with the hip-hop community. “Ya’ll outdated man,” said Ball. “Don’t nobody listen to Nas anymore… Real hip-hop is Migos, Future.”

(Sigh) Kids these days, I know how you feel Ty, trust me!

It’s 2017 and Ball represents part of a younger generation that doesn’t always appreciate legends in the hip-hop game. Some kids are gung-ho when it comes to listening what’s hot on the radio right now. (Cues “Bad and Boujee"). While other hip-hop heads believe in looking back on music before their time such as the Tupacs and Biggies of the world. But maybe Ty should cut the rookie a little slack, the baller was only an infant when Nas spit hot fire on "Hate Me Now" and "Nas Is Like." However, getting a lesson on hip-hop wouldn't hurt the rookie's musical taste. Who knows? Perhaps a future episode of Ball in the Family will show Lonzo getting schooled by Ty Dolla as they listen to Nas’ Illmatic. Now that would make him a big baller!

Check out the full Pandora Thumbs Up Thumbs Down segment with Ty Dolla $ign below and be sure to stream his latest album Beach House 3 on digital platforms everywhere. It’s a vibe!

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