The Forgotten Posters: Scottie Pippen Baptizes Charles Smith

The slam dunk is arguably one of the most exciting plays in all of sports. It's even more entertaining when someone is on the wrong end of it. While the dunk is only worth two points, the impact of it goes beyond the scoreboard.

Throughout NBA history there are certain posterizations that remain iconic -- we remember when Scottie Pippen dunked on Patrick Ewing in the ‘94 NBA Playoffs and when DeAndre Jordan baptized Brandon Knight. Of course there are a plethora of dunks that make you jump out of your seat, but there are certain dunks that we may have forgotten about over time.

Does Pippen over Charles Smith ring a bell? It probably doesn't, because one of the best individual performances in NBA history took place on the same day.

March 28, 1995 is day that will always be relevant for Chicago Bulls fans. We all know this date as when Michael Jordan dropped 55 points a.k.a the "double-nickel" in his return to Madison Square Garden. Jordan clearly had the best performance, but Pippen walked away with the best play of the game.

Getting dunked on is a part of playing the game of basketball. I can sadly admit that I've been dunked on a few times, but thanks to being hit with a neuralyzer, I can't remember much. The same can't be said for former Smith. Let's take a trip down memory lane to relive one of the most slept on posters in NBA history.

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