Rasheed Wallace Gets Tossed For Telling The Truth

People, one of our basketball heroes is the victim of a basketball injustice today. The people's champion, Rasheed Wallace, was ejected from an NBA basketball game earlier today for telling the truth in the face of officiating incompetence and striped-shirted blasphemy. He was seen screaming, "Ball don't lie!," following a missed free throw on an egregious technical foul called on him. For those unfamiliar with the phrase, here's an unofficial definition of Ball Don't Lie:

  1. The saying popularized by Rasheed Wallace, and adopted from him by basketball fans and players across the globe, when a free throw is missed after a questionable foul call.
  2. The saying used to punctuate the fact that a basketball injustice has occurred on the basketball court, only to be rectified by the right thing being done soon afterward, which can include, but not limited to, a missed free throw, field goal attempt, or a turnover by the beneficiary of the initial basketball injustice.

Now as you may or may not know, the grassroots movement to get Sheed to the 2013 All-Star Game in Houston was launched on The UC Show last week, as well as on TSFJ the following day, and while there has been resistance from fans on Ed's Facebook page, it looks like the league refs will do their part to make our quest even more tough. However, we will be undeterred. As a loyal fan of Sheed, I will continue to use every platform imaginable to promote the message that Sheed should start in the 2013 All-Star Game in Houston, and fellow fans of Sheed are vowing to do the same.

Dammit, our voices will be heard. It's going to take more than a preposterous ejection for the masses to allow this movement to stall or stop. What, you think Sheed hasn't been ejected for egregious reasons before? He's still here, and will be here as long as feels like it, and fans around the basketball landscape will continue to ride for him.

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