Seth Rollins, Jack Swagger and The UpUpDownDown Madden 16 Tournament Finals

Two months ago, I wrote about various WWE superstars participating in a Madden 16 tournament hosted by Xavier Woods on his YouTube channel, UpUpDownDown. Due to circumstances beyond everyone's control, the finals of the tournament did not occur immediately, so the masses had to wait for the showdown between Jack Swagger and Seth Rollins, but as you can see from the pre-game interviews from both Swagger and last year's champ, Rollins, it was well worth the wait. The finals were posted last night, January 10, and it was an explosion.

The first thing about the finals is this match brought even more stars out. It was hilarious to see Team B.A.D., The New Day, The Miz and other stars either in the room the entire tim, or stroll in and stroll out. There were obviously fascinated by the scene before them, even though a few of the people watching the finals admitted they didn't know much about the game of football at all.

Another thing that struck out to me was how realistic Madden has become. As I mentioned in the preceding post, I used to play Madden with damn near any minute of free time I had. It's been years since I played the game, but watching all of the features associated with the game, minute as well as major, it reminded me why I got so hooked on the game in the first place. Granted, that doesn't mean I'm about to shell out $400 to get a PS4 and come out of retirement. Besides, I'd rather buy shoes and books with that much money. With that said, Madden has most certainly evolved and it's obvious why the game is likely to stay for good.

The next thing I noticed about the finals is that Seth Rollins (aka "The Champ") and Jack Swagger (aka "Oklahomie") are very good at Madden. They're not just guys who play the game and beat up on pretenders to get there. No, these guys are really good. Time management, good game plan, excellent strategy and more were all on display throughout the tournament and it showed in the finals. Plus, their enthusiasm, as well as the crowd (by the crowd, I mean the other superstars) made this even more hilarious to watch.

Then there is Xavier Woods. He put the damn tournament together, he got a big-ass trophy to be presented to the winner, and the man even wore a suit to illustrate the seriousness of what was about to transpire in the finals of the tournament. He, along with Big E and Kofi Kingston, are arguably the best things the WWE has going for them right now.

The level of competition and trash talk were at a premium in the finals of, as well as throughout, the UpUpDownDown Madden 2016 tournament. The running commentary not only from the competitors, but from the observers in the crowd was profound and, most other times, downright hilarious. The finals of the tournament were similar to your Madden tournament at the house, or dorm room, or anywhere a gaming system, multiple competitors and a prize were all at stake.

Oh, and the post-game interview was absolute gold.

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