Crown Royal Maple Vs. Ed The Sports Fan (The OKC Thunder Rant Episode)

By Bonta Hill / @bontahill

On this edition of the Versus Podcast, Eddie and Bonta decided to spew 50 minutes of madness amongst each other, and that produced nothing but hilarity. Joining the light-skin duo to make some fun history was one of Ed's best friends, Doc Archer from Virginia. He got plenty of chuckles from Ed's breakdown on his Halloween shenanigans, which included the purchase of some Crown Royal Maple Whiskey that made him so hungover that he stumbled into the studio two hours late.

Also, Bonta shared the excitement that hit the San Francisco streets in the last week, as he celebrated the San Francisco Giants' third championship in five years, staying up all night on some tomfoolery, and his experience walking down Market Street during the parade like his name was Willie Mays. Later in the podcast, Eddie goes into an epic rant about the trouble that looms with his Oklahoma City Thunder while Bonta and Sean laugh hysterically, while also dissecting the Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard altercation.

Thank you for supporting the movement as we try to make some fun history together. Hosted by Eddie Maisonet. Produced by Bonta Hill. Diversified by Doc Archer. Created for the people. Subscribe to The Versus Podcast on iTunes and Stitcher Radio.

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