Podcast: Defending Randy Moss, HarBowl Prep And NBA All-Star Omissions

On this recent edition of The UC Show, Kenny and Tins came out swinging in defense of Randy Moss's bold proclamation he made during Media Day earlier this week in New Orleans. After that, Till graced us with his presence and gave us his thoughts as he prepares to watch his team take on the Baltimore Ravens this Sunday.

Of course, we couldn't let the events of last week, in regards to All-Star snubs, go without being discussed. Kenny continued his tirade from late last week when he said that both Smiths, Josh and JR, were robbed of being chosen for the All-Star Game, and while Tinsley was with him for a minute, he completely went left when Kenny got on the selections of Jrue Holiday and especially Kyrie Irving with Kenny going as far as to accuse Tinsley, and others, of being influenced by The Uncle Drew Commercials in their support of saying he should be in the big game.

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