Podcast: Alex Smith, Andrew Bynum And Oscar Pistorius' Performance Enhancers

andrew bynum crazy hair

On this edition of The Unsportsmanlike Conduct Show, Justin and Ed link up to have a candid conversation about how much we love and hate our third member of the podcast in Kenny. Then we decided to talk about a few other things...

  • Alex Smith has been traded from the San Francisco 49ers to the Kansas City Chiefs (allegedly, it cannot be confirmed until March 12) so we decided to get our resident Niners expert Johnathan Tillman on the line to make sense of this latest development
  • Folks are fed up with Andrew Bynum and the Philadelphia 76ers, and no one is more fed up than our senior editor Rev. Paul Revere. The Rev joins Justin and Ed to rant about how he's tired about hearing any Bynum-related news that has nothing to do with him being on the court. Snickering and badmouthing ensues.
  • There was a report that when Oscar Pistorius was arrested in his home, investigators found performance-enhancing drugs at his home. What was actually found was a "sexual" performance-enhancer that contained...pig testicles. Yep. We discuss...okay, I'm lying, we laugh our butts off.

Download and enjoy.

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