Podcast: Beards, The Streak And March Madness Is In Full Effect

dirk nowitzki beard

On this edition of #theUCshow the three-man weave is back in full effect for two weeks in a row. God is good indeed.

  • Kenny leads the three amigos in a talk as to why following your team towards a goal isn't always the brightest idea. The man hasn't shaved in over two months, and it's all because the Dallas Mavericks vowed not to shave until they reached .500. What initially was a fun idea has become a bad dream that he wishes he could wake up from.
  • The one and only Bryan Crawford called in from The United Center to share some wisdom about his Chicago Bulls, as well as a recent misunderstanding between he and another member of the basketball stratosphere, which was hilarious in itself and, of course, was completely and totally started by Ed himself.
  • The fellas also discussed The Streak, as well as Ed and Rev's excursions Shocking The World at their respective sites for opening weekend of March Madness.

Download, listen and enjoy.

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