Podcast: Because The Miami Heat Need The Streak And The Immortality It Brings

lebron james miami heat 24-game winning streak

On this edition of #theUCshow, the three-man weave is back in full effect, and everyone is better off for it. Let the true shenanigans and tomfoolery begin.

  • Somehow Kenny was the gall and the audacity to come back onto this show and become a bandwagon fan, hopping onto the Dominican Republic's glory-ride while making fun of Ed's team (Puerto Rico) suffering in defeat in the process. Shame on him.
  • The fellas get into an interesting discussion about the Miami Heat's now 24-game winning streak, and what is it really worth. Does Miami really need to catch the '72 Lakers 33-game streak to reach immortal status? Or can they achieve it without it if they win a second championship in the LeBron era?
  • The Kentucky Wildcats lost to Robert Morris in the first-round of the NIT on Tuesday, and what's their reward? Arguably the greatest recruiting class of all-time. What does it mean to the state of college basketball, and can we pencil in a new era in UK history starting next season?

Download and enjoy.

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