Podcast: Ed's Encounter With Triple Crown Royalty

On the latest episode of #theUCShow, what started out as an innocent recap of the TSFJ weekend in DC turned into chaos, confusion, catastrophe, and outright clown behavior from all parties involved. Ed was accused of bribing four thoroughbreds who were bad enough to be in The Triple Crown to take a picture. Kenny quickly came to his defense, but was shot down not only by Trible (who did backflips off Ed's hotel bed; just gotta listen to understand), but by Bryan Crawford as well. Shoot, the man even penned a piece about the previous weekend for the masses. We also had The NFL Chick come in and share some insight on the Ravens and fantasy football as well.

This show was about as unscripted as it got, and it was easily the most fun we've had in a while. Check it out!

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