Podcast: Coaching Tirades, Real American Heroes And Names That Should Not Be Said

mike rice rutgers

On this recent edition of #theUCshow, Tinsley took the night off, but leave it to Kenny and Ed to hold down the fort in his absence.

  • First, they discussed Mike Rice and his firing from Rutgers University. There was an overall disbelief at some of the images that were broadcast to the masses, and Ed and Kenny made it painfully clear that Rutgers did the right thing by getting the head coach on up outta there.
  • Next, the talk shifted to The Great Kevin Ware, a man who has shown remarkable resiliency, courage and selflessness since his horrific injury last Sunday against Duke. The young man has become an inspiration to people all over the country and even though he will not be able to compete this weekend in the Final Four, his presence definitely will loom over The Georgia Dome.
  • The show took an unexpected turn as Kenny went from talking about Yu Darvish to a full-blown tirade about baseball, with poor Matt Whitener calling in and getting the brunt of his angst. Needless to say, the show is officially back in effect once unexpected tirades return on a regular basis.

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