Podcast: Dwight Howard Needs To Man Up, Plus Super Bowl Talk


On this recent edition of The UC Show, Tinsley and Kenny launch into some talk about Dwight Howard, with Tinsley going so far as to say he actually feels sorry for Howard's teammate, The One and Only, Kobe Bryant. Well, that was enough to get The Rev to call in a timely fashion and he, along with Kenny, reminded the masses why feeling sorry for Kobe is not only crazy, but un-American (okay, we made the last part up, but still).

We also discussed The HarBowl, along with several key figures in the upcoming matchup, as well as fielding a call from one of the biggest San Francisco 49er fans of the show. While he was hesitant to let his excitement show, it was for good reason and once one listens, then it all makes sense.

We also talk a little bit about Sir Thomas Brady, Bill Belicheck and more. Check us out and thanks for continuing to support what we do.

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