Podcast: Eddie Maisonet Appreciation Night

On the recent edition of The UC Show, the three amigos are reunited for Eddie Maisonet Appreciation Night. The night starts off well with Tinsley and Ed giving their thoughts on the recent episode from Riley Cooper caught on tape talking wild at a Kenny Chesney concert. All the three amigos can do is shake their heads at the craziness. This is the most that people have talked about Cooper, and it's safe to say that man is going to be in a world of trouble the next time he gets on the field. However, one of our hosts saves his venom not for Riley Cooper, but for Marcus Vick after Vick sent a tweet placing a bounty of Cooper's head. Safe to say, once that came out, the Angry Corner was turnt up.

The fellas continue to discuss football as Ed has a couple of well-wishers call in for Eddie Maisonet Appreciation Night. There is also a discussion about Donovan McNabb and his Hall of Fame chances, which sparked up quite a bit of discussion on the TSFJ e-mail chain and other forms of social media. The three amigos share their opinion on #5's prospects.

Finally, the show closes with some stories about Ed. Of course, Tinsley and Kenny talk about Ed like he isn't there, but that's part of what makes Appreciation Nights so much fun...and fun is certainly had. Happy 30th to The Man himself, Eduardo Maisonet.

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