Podcast: Everybody Is Shocking The World This Weekend

On this edition of The UC Show, Ed and Kenny talk about their upcoming plans to shock the world, as Ed will be heading back home to Oklahoma for Homecoming, and Kenny will be getting on a bird to head to Baltimore to watch the Dallas Cowboys take on the Baltimore Ravens. Also, there was a recent firestorm regarding one of the greatest women to ever walk the earth, but Justin Tinsley saves the day by letting her know the masses still love her. Tune in to hear exactly who Tins is talking about.

The talk gets even more interesting as the three amigos preach about the recent LBJ/Jordan talk, and Tinsley takes exception to Ed's assessment of Florida State football and their recent setback. Hearing Tinsley's tirade is worth the price of admission in itself. We close with The Rev talking about the Philadelphia Eagles and their quarterback, The Great Michael Vick.

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