Podcast: Game Seven


On the most recent edition of The UC Show, the three amigos got right to the point. Shoot, why beat around the bush when every basketball fan knows what is on the horizon? That's right, Game Seven, the two words that bring joy and agony to fans all over the basketball landscape. Before the three amigos tackled Game Seven, they took a step back to reminisce on Game Six and how they took it all in. From Tinsley being agitated, nervous and damn near about to have a heart attack, to Ed being absolutely shell-shocked to Kenny abandoning conventional wisdom and spending the entire fourth quarter talking about relationships and $200 dates, the three amigos were simply a reflection of a variety of fans who witnessed what occurred on Tuesday night.

After that, the focus shifts squarely to San Antonio and the realization that they are no longer playing with house money. They are now playing with the church's money and have just as much at stake as Miami (whether "at stake" is fair or not), given the way they lost Game Six. With that said, all three hosts are respectful toward the Spurs, because they all know what the Spurs are capable of.

Time is given to the unsung heroes of The NBA Finals. Players such as Gary Neal, Mike Miller, Danny Green and Mario Chalmers have all found ways to play well and make an impact in a game here and a game there. Sometimes, people become fixated by the star attractions, but without the supporting cast, it's impossible to see what is on the horizon, and that is a seventh and final game.

And finally, the three amigos make sure the fans who left Game Six early got an earful. There are acts, as a fan, that are absolutely unforgivable and leaving a game early, especially a playoff game, and especially a game with the championship on the line, is one of them. Given that the three amigos are fans of the game first, the sentiment is that fans must stick around, regardless of how bad it is. Fans ask players to give their all, and fans must do the same.

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