Podcast: Let's Start This Thang Off Right!


In the first episode of The UC Show, the three amigos start it off by talking about sports and their impact on life as us as fans. One of the best things about live radio is the unexpected and the three hosts all did their part on elaborating on this special thing we call sports. The Rev also called in and provided an excellent word on three separate events that have left an indelible impact on his life as a sports fan.

Once that passed, the ratchetness took over and things got light again. Each host hopped on their soapbox, with the subjects ranging from Ed's critique of Christian Ponder to Tinsley talking about his disdain for Mike Shanahan to Kenny's insistence that there is only one true candidate for 2012 NFL MVP, The Great Adrian Peterson. The chat room was, as always, live as hell and provided additional energy, which they can always be counted on to give.

Thanks for all the support you all gave us in 2012 and we promise to bring even more heat in 2013!!!

Thanks for all the support for the year, and we are going to do our best to make 2013 even better! For additional listening options for the people, be sure to check us out on iTunes: #theUCshow podcast on iTunes RSS: #theUCshow RSS feed Stitcher Radio: #theUCshow on Stitcher. 

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