#theUCshow Podcast: The Most Disheartening Sports Weekend In TSFJ History

On this week's edition of The UC Show, the three amigos recap what was easily the worst collective sports weekend they've ever had. It started on Saturday night for Ed and bled over into Sunday afternoon for Kenny and Tinsley. For Ed, the state of Oklahoma got repeated shots in Norman and a devastating blow in the state capital. For Kenny and Tinsley, their pain was courtesy of (who else) the Dallas Cowboys.

Royce Young from @dailythunder attempted to bring a voice of reason for Ed's anguish, and God bless him for doing so. Till also chimed in with the voice of a man who is on cloud nine, courtesy of his San Francisco 49ers. The show concludes with a verbal bashing from Tinsley to Jason Garrett and contemplative words from Kenny, as he drowned his sorrows in a pitch-black bathroom, empty bath tub, black Dri-FIT Nike socks and Blue Bell Ice Cream.

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