Podcast: The Untold Story Of Russell Geronimo Westbrook

russell westbrook dunk primal war cry

On this edition of The Unsportsmanlike Conduct Show, the fellas talk about the 8th-place Lakers, the backstory about an alleged middle name for everyone's favorite point guard and the return of the third member of the podcast. Hallelujah.

  • Phillip Barnett of SportsCity and Forum Blue & Gold stops by to talk about the 8th-place Los Angeles Lakers, Kobe's new nickname and the fans relationship with Dwight Howard. 
  • Ed goes on a soliloquy about Russell Westbrook. From his deserving MVP consideration, to the backstory of what should be #0's nickname, and why that's the most awesome thing ever.
  • Justin and Ed are shocked when the third member of the three-man weave makes a surprise appearance on the show, as Kenny Masenda is indeed alive, everybody.

Download and enjoy.

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