Podcast: The State of the Sports Programming in 2012 Townhall

"We just care about what's happening on the field, on the court and anywhere else that the game is being played." -- The Fellas

On this edition of The Unsportsmanlike Conduct Show, the fellas touch base on the current state of sports programming and how we, as sports fan, receive it. Is this the new trend? With talking heads spewing slanted opinions and condescending facts while becoming their own brand, is this the new reality or can we as fans make change? Plus, we'll talk about the following:

  • The 2012 NFL Schedule: What are the key matchups that we're all looking forward to this season? Or as Kenny calls it, the "Move The Needle" game. Jaguars and Cowboys slander is included.
  • The NBA Playoffs: Tins brings up the 2006 NBA Finals. Kenny gets defensive about his "defending champion" Dallas Mavericks. Tins starts cussing.
  • Myles Brown drops in on the MVP debate: The Minnesota Mastermind drops in to throw fuel on the fire. Everyone's on the LeBron James train for MVP, except for Ed. Cussing ensues.

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