After Four Weeks Of The NFL Season, Todd Gurley Is Clearly The League's MVP

By John D. Davis/ @John_D_Davis

Simply put, there was no better play in the NFL this week than Todd Gurley.

The former First-Team All-SEC tailback from the University of Georgia accounted for 121 yards rushing, 94 yards receiving and a touchdown. Oh, and if you just so happened to be boycotting the NFL for whatever reason that may be, the Los Angeles Rams took their talents to Arlington, Texas and beat the Dallas Cowboys in Jerry’s World.

What was most impressive wasn't the what, it was the how.

Being down 11 on the road is a tough spot for any team to be in, but this the Rams we're talking about. LA's offense still has an emerging but still unproven Jared Goff at quarterback, and there's a good chance that I'm older than their head coach. However, the team relied on Gurley heavy as they rallied from behind. Gurley patiently found gaps in the defensive line, and once again Gurley hit a Cowboys defender with his favorite move, the hurdle. That run led to a field goal which cut the lead to five, but No. 30 still had work to do.

Later on in the game, head coach Sean McVey dialed up a perfect play, as the Rams were ready to exploit a woeful Cowboys secondary that simply wasn't ready. Gurley ran up the seam and took a pass from Goff off the fake jet-sweep to the house for 53 yards, giving the Rams the lead and eventually the win.

The LA Rams are now 3-1. They are the leaders in the NFC West, and they are tied for the best record in the NFC. Yes, everything you read just now is an absolute fact.

TGII. (Photo by Andrew Dieb/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

With Gurley leading the way in the backfield, the Rams now lead the NFL in points per game at 35.7. It's like a flashback to the Greatest Show on Turf days for Rams fans. Gurley’s performance in this game has awoken those spirits of St. Louis' past and has legitimized the team as a contender in the NFC. Moreover, with Gurley leading the NFL with seven touchdowns in four games, it's fair to wonder whether it's time to put Gurley's name head and shoulder's above everyone else in the race for the league's MVP.

If Gurley can carry this team to respectability, he should win it by default.

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