Mike Greenberg, Dwyane Wade And The Clothes That Make Men

greenberg vs. wade

NBA Fashion Fever moved to the media world? No bueno! By now we've all seen Dwyane Wade’s notorious “European style” suits he’s been wearing to the arenas (which, by the way,  is still NOT cool by us Americans), but now it’s become infectious. Mike and Mike’s Mike Greenberg said this week on his show that his wife loved the way Wade dressed, and Greeny decided to dress up just like him.

Now, Greeny can actually get away with this a little better than Wade. Mainly because:

  1. He looks European in a natural state and...
  2. He's not of the urban demographic.

But this has got to stop. Stop tailoring your suits to be skinny capris, guys. As far as Wade is concerned, anytime you side with Craig Sager about your fashion sense, you need a new consultant ... or Jesus … or both.

Will this fashion madness continue, or will the people to let the NBA's superstars make it with their colorful threads pre and post game? Let us know your thoughts.

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