16(0) Sweet Words Of March Madness: 2011 NCAA First Round - Temple 66, Penn State 64


(Ed’s Note: With the NCAA Tournament officially kicking off on March 18th/20th, we here at TSFJ will be giving the people 16(0) sweet words on 16 (bitter)sweet moments of March Madness past. Next up is Rev. Paul Revere, as the Philly-raised Penn State alum dealt with the ultimate conflict in 2011. Oh, and if we go over 160 words…well, our bad.)

The basketball gods hate me. During my four years as an undergrad at Penn State, the Nittany Lions men's basketball team went a combined 38-78 overall and 12-52 in conference play, never once finishing with a winning record and having a high mark of six conference wins my senior year.

They stunk. So when Talor Battle led the school to the NIT championship three years after my graduation and two years later earned an NCAA Tournament berth, I was actually excited about PSU basketball for once.

That is until the committee matched up my Nittany Lions with the Temple Owls, the college basketball team I grew up rooting for and consider my favorite, in the round of 64. Of course.

My alma mater makes the tourney and I don’t even get to throw my full support behind the team. Good thing, I guess, as I watched Temple edge PSU on a Juan Fernandez floater in a hotel room in D.C.

Screw you, basketball gods.

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