The Big Dance: The 1738 Kansas City Royals

I love music. I love good music. I love bad music. I love all types of music.

But I’ve also come to the realization that now, as a man in my 30s, I am officially old and am so, so out of touch with a lot of today’s music.

Nowhere is this more apparent than today’s hip-hop scene. I’m so uneducated with the artists of the day for the most part that I don’t even understand the majority of songs that come out. In fact, our fearless editor-in-chief brought this up at the TSFJ e-offices this very week.

The Meek Mill-Drake beef? I have no opinion, mainly because Twitter beefs are the absolute dumbest beefs on the planet, but also because I don’t understand the allure of Drake nor know all that much about fellow Philadelphian Meek Mill.

The same can be said about other popular music as well. A lot of the songs out there all sound the same to me, particularly today's pop-rock, and that’s because I am an old man, period.

Thus, it makes perfect sense that I have absolutely no idea who Fetty Wap is or why anyone in the world would like his song “Trap Queen.” Evidently, I have nothing in common with the Kansas City Royals, a team that is apparently obsessed with “Trap Queen,” specifically its reference to 1738, as in Remy Martin 1738 cognac. I mean, get a load of this.

Not only is the song Lorenzo Cain’s batting music, but the players now drop 1738 references in answers to reporters just for fun.

I really don’t understand, but that’s because I’m an old man. Now turn off that nonsense and get off my damn lawn.

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