The Big Dance: Rutgers Football Dances Into the Season

When I was a child, this time of year always made me a little melancholy, as it does for children everywhere. The summer is winding down. Labor Day approaches. And that means the end of summer vacation and the beginning of yet another arduous school year.

Tests. Quizzes. Homework. Studying. Who needs it?

I no longer have those feelings at all. Quite the contrary, actually. With September underway and fall weather in the near future, I can’t help but get even more excited.

Sure, summertime is fun and all, but it’s hot, I still have to work and the central air keeps those energy bills high. But fall, oh beautiful fall. The weather cools, the leaves change and, most importantly, football takes hold.

There really is nothing better. And now, as a full-fledged adult (see, old person) with no more homework, no more tests, no more quizzes, no more studying, no more grades, I can enjoy every damn minute of action on the gridiron. It’s enough to get anyone excited.

And it’s not just us fans who are thrilled that the summer is at its close and the action on the field is beginning. The players are overjoyed that training camp is through and the season is underway.

Need proof? Just check out the Rutgers football team celebrating the close of camp by dancing into the season.

Unfortunately for Rutgers, the good times have come to a screeching halt. Yesterday, we learned that five members of the team were arrested in connection to home invasions and assaults, which is incredibly troubling.

Even before that, perhaps the Scarlet Knights should have been spending less time practicing dance moves and more time actually working on their plays, seeing as the Big Ten newcomers aren’t exactly a powerhouse, and now with the season beginning amid controversy, it seems a bit silly. Even when trying to have fun, we can't seem to escape a scandal of some sort around the sport.

But, as a fan of football, it's still an exciting time. The college football season has officially kicked off, fall is just a few weeks away and the NFL season is right around corner. I’d say that’s plenty of reason to dance, even if the dancing has come to an end in Jersey.

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