The Big Dance: The San Francisco Giants’ Full House

It’s been quite the up and down season for the defending World Series champions. The week began on Sunday with the San Francisco Giants securing their fourth straight victory with a 5-0 shutout of the fledgling Washington Nationals thanks in large part to Madison Bumgarner’s 14-strikeout complete game that also saw him crank his fourth home run of the season.

That put the Giants hot on the tail of the NL West-leading Los Angeles Dodgers, making the blue-clad team in Tinseltown a little nervous. In fact, San Fran’s heat may have been the impetus for the Dodgers to go out and get their shortstop’s long-time running mate, Chase Utley, from the Philadelphia Phillies.

Things were looking good for the defending champs. But then the Giants made a trip to NL Central land, and things have taken a noticeable turn. In their three-game trip at Busch Stadium, the St. Louis Cardinals took two of three games by completely shutting down San Francisco’s offense, and yesterday, the offense continued its impotence, getting shut out in the City of Three Rivers in a 4-0 loss to the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Entering play today, the Giants find themselves 2.5 games behind the Dodgers in the NL West and four games back of the Chicago Cubs and Pirates in the Wild Card race.

That’s not exactly the way the Giants envisioned this week going, but there is a silver lining. What silver lining? This wonderful “Full House” intro song parody that the Giants made to coincide with the “Full House” reboot set to launch on Netflix in 2016.

If you notice at the end of this gem, the Giants are holding a special tribute to “Full House” Sept. 30. If they want that game to be meaningful, they’ll have to get back to the way they were playing before this week, but if not, at least fans can take in the atmosphere centered around everyone’s favorite Golden Gate sitcom.

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